Large Bearings

We specialise in reconditioning large bearings up to 3.1 metres in diameter

  • Without obligation, full quality inspections carry a written report and advice from our experienced engineers
  • After reconditioning, all units go through our usual tests and procedures
  • All units carry a warranty after reconditioning
  • B & C has experience of slew rings for most types of machines, including dockside cranes, large excavators, tower cranes, mobile cranes, water treatment bearings and production line turntables.

Quality reconditioning on car body slew rings

  • Removal from car body not necessary
  • Reduced downtime and manpower costs
  • A complete economical quality service
  • Specialist car body slew ring refurbishment
  • All units go through our usual tests and procedures and carry a warranty
  • Free inspection

The Slew Ring attached to the undercarriage car body of an NCK Crawler Machine can be reconditioned on the car body without the Slew Ring being cut from the structure, thus reducing downtime and costs to the customer